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Thread: Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)

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    Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)

    Hi All
    I am 27yrs old! Convinced I have ovarian cancer!
    I wrote on this thread a while back but because of shoulder/collarbone pain. Iíll give you a little background.... I keep having this pain that happens at anytime (it isnít exasperated if I move my arms or sit in a certain position) it happens when Iím resting and happens when Iím moving but sporadically. You may be thinking the subject doesnít relate to this opening of the story but there is a link! I will also let you know I have been having monthly woman issues for the past year (very painful cramps that knock me for six for a few days, I have to take time off work I am in that much pain, I get nauseous, hot flushes and feel so rough at that time of the month) I went to my docs because of this but he dismissed me and just basically said get on with it. Thereís been a change in my period for the last 6-8 months where its mostly blood clots and not much blood. This has been worrying me but I havenít plucked up the courage to go docs. Also, for the last month I have been really bloated (I am slim and have always had a flat stomach) for whatever reason I cannot get rid of this bloat.... Iím eating the same foods and drinking the same (I only drink water and eat pretty healthy) but itís just constantly bloated. I get the odd pelvic pain here and there too. Anyway, silly me googled shoulder pain etc and lower behold, ovarian cancer can cause shoulder pain! I have now linked the 2 together and am convinced I have ovarian cancer. To top it off my Nan had it in her early 30ís but luckily was saved by surgery!

    I am going to try book a docs appointment but I am honestly now freaking out. Thereís too many conicidences to be just a coincidence!

    :( I am soo worried now! Anyone else had my symptoms and turned out all OK nothing to worry about?

    Any posts on here would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)

    Sorry youíre so worried. It could be the worry thatís affecting your periods and bloating etc.
    Itís extremely unlikely for someone your age to have ovarian cancer. Iíve looked into it a lot because I have an ovarian cyst.
    I would definitely go to see your doctor, and tell them what youíve told us today, perhaps they will send you for an internal ultrasound to rule out a cyst too, and get to the bottom of whatís causing the symptoms x

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    Re: Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)

    Hi @Scass thanks for your reply. I have only just started worrying.... my periods have changed for around 6 months now. So I do not think worrying is a factor contributing towards this. I know I am only 27, but one, my Nan had it in her early 30ís and two, ive seen girls as young as 21 diagnosed.
    May I please ask regarding your cyst, does it give you pain at all in your shoulder/a or collarbone area? Do you get really bad periods with it and loads of clots?
    I have managed to book an appointment for later this afternoon. I am so sick with worry now :( x

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    Re: Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)

    I do get funny periods, but no shoulder pain. Because of your family history I expect theyíll push you forward, but I still wouldnít be too concerned.

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    Re: Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)


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    Re: Ovarian cancer - help :( (incl shoulder pain)

    Any updates? Iím currently in a Similar position and also have the shoulder pain...

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