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Thread: from Diazepam to Pregabelin

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    from Diazepam to Pregabelin

    Hi , it's been a long time since I posted but have been popping in and out the forum mainly for reasurance .

    My post here is about Being on Diazepam for 40+ Years on various doses . Sometimes I abused them but mostly stuck to GP prescription .

    I started attending therapy via Drink and drugs service run by NHS (WLDAS) and had my diazepam tapered to Zero . My last Diazepam was 15 Oct 2019 .

    My phsychiatrist had put me on Pregabelin 150mg daily split into 3x50mg on 2nd Oct 2019 .

    So I am on pregabelin only now for about 7 weeks and feel awful . Night terrors and morning panics are back full force . I am really struggling to go on with these symptoms which include depersonalisztion and unreality feelings , sinking floor , wet face sensation ,numbness ,trembling ,the whole lot .

    Now am wondering if the pregabelin are causing this or is it Diazepam PAWS .

    My Phychiatris and CPN have increased the pregabelin to 300mg daily starting Tomorrow Wed 27th Nov but I am not happy at this and have asked them to taper me off them rather than double the dose .

    It seems to me that all that has happened is they have taken me off one addictive medication and put me on another .

    I am at my wits with this and don't know what to do .

    I am 63 year old male with lots to look forwrd to if this would just go away .

    Thanks for any advice in advance .
    Love and peace

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    Re: from Diazepam to Pregabelin

    I know you aren't doctors and i'm not asking advice as such but looking to see if anyone has a similar situation or experience with pregabelin used for anxiety .
    In UK this is prescribed for anxiety as an off label treatment .
    Love and peace

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