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Thread: Yayyyyy... *possible trigger*

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    Yayyyyy... *possible trigger*

    So went to do the groceries. My stuff was getting scanned and the people behind me had a child with them, probably about 6 years old?
    Without warning, she became unwell and it was everywhere. They managed to catch some in a bag but mostly on the floor.

    I couldn't leave.. my stuff was getting scanned!! I just kind of stepped away and hid. Then held my breath when I had to use the card machine.

    I'm proud I didn't freak out.
    The mum was SOOOOO CALM. She was laughing at some points. Just totally chill. So maybe that helped?

    I'm definitely worrying about getting it though. I was about 2 metres away when she vomited. :-/

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    Re: Yayyyyy... *possible trigger*

    That’s good you didn’t freak out,but what are you worried about getting It?
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    Re: Yayyyyy... *possible trigger*

    I very much doubt you will catch it from that contact. Well there wasn't really any contact at all. And two metres is a fair old distance. You will be fine, I bet even the mother will be fine and she had to do the clear up. I remember my kids used to be sick when they were little. I never caught stuff off them. Plus you don't know why the child was may have been simply overindulgence with the wrong food.
    our minds jump straight to worse case scenario but there is no reason to think this child was infectious.
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