For the past 3-4 days I've noticed an intermittent dull ache in or near my right testicle. When I feel for lumps or swelling I find neither, and my testicle doesn't ache or pain at all when I poke and prod at it. Sometimes I feel that the ache is right in my groin where my leg meets my scrotum, buy other times I feel it's on the side or behind the testicle. This aching isn't there always, and it also seems worse the more I'm focused on it. When I'm preoccupied I kind of forget I have it going on.

I can notice it when walking sometimes, lifting or moving my leg, bending over, or when I cough. If I hold my hand in the general area I can do all of those things listed above and not feel the ache.

I sit a lot for work, and spend an hour driving each day.

I guess my question is, is it common to have dull aches around the testicles? I really don't have any males I can ask these questions to since I've lost my father. I'm wondering if this may sound like a muscle strain or if maybe I've slept or sat in a way that has squat or irritated the testicle a little. However, the fact that feeling my testicle and scrotum doesn't hurt, and it doesn't hurt or ache at rest, but only when Indo certain movements have me curious as to if this may be muscle related.

So I'm curious to hear from others about this sort of thing. Perhaps some assurance, or how long I should wait and see if it improves before taking the step of seeing a doctor. I don't like rushing to see a doc, and would rather wait a little to see if it's a minor issue first, however if issues I've had don't go away after a week or two I usually make an appointment.

I hope to hear some of your thoughts and experiences. Thanks!