I've spent quite a lot of time recently reading my way through different topics on this forum, and they have given me quite a bit of reassurance that I'm not going completely mad, but I thought I'd still explain my situation in the hope I might get some advice directly.

Basically, over the last couple of weeks, I've started to notice that my brain feels like it's going slower; information is slower to retrieve and just general thinking doesn't seem as quick. However, this has the tendency to come and go.

My main symptom that I've been experiencing that has stayed quite consistent, is my ability to completely misread words! And what's even more strange, is that it happens more often on short sentences or headlines. For example, I'll go onto a news website and start reading the front page headlines and I'll miss out at least 1 word. So I go back over the headline and correct myself. It's like my brain is just ignoring what is written and deciding for itself what the headline should actually say. In complete contrast, when I read a massive wall of text on my iPad from a book, I misread far fewer words and generally my reading flows significantly better.

I've also noted that reading out aloud helps me avoid skipping words, compared to reading in my head. This might be because I probably read more slowly through spoken words, than I do through my head (if that makes sense!).

So I'm just curious as to whether anyone else might be able to share any experiences they've had with similar sounding symptoms!

I'm recently gone back onto AD's (Citalopram) to try and help with my Health Anxiety, but I've been worrying that I'm experiencing the beginnings of Alzheimer's/Demetia, or even acquired Dyslexia. Maybe it's just my brain playing tricks on me - who knows! I'm a 30 year old male, so I would hope that I shouldn't fear the worst, but that's easier said than done for something dealing with HA!

Thank you so much for your time.

Best wishes,