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Thread: Sarcoma fear, really upset.

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    Sarcoma fear, really upset.

    Sorry guys, Ive been a mess lately. I am a 44 year old male, I go to gym a lot. Today I felt my right wrist front of forearm area and it felt like muscle seemed a little bigger or maybe small hard lump. But honestly more like muscle was bigger than left side (I am right side dominant). Anyway I went right to sarcoma in that area. I spent the next few hours digging away in that area and now its fairly swollen. I am having a panic attack thinking I have a sarcoma. Sorry guys, I'm just scared and anxiety is high. Sadly, I alway go back to being saved I won't see my kids grow up :(

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    Re: Sarcoma fear, really upset.

    Please read the below message from Admin. You are posting about a lot of different things frequently. Perhaps start a thread where you can keep all of your worries in one place.

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