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Thread: Blood pressure

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    Re: Blood pressure

    Just as an aside, I own a BP monitor. A few years ago, my doctor made changes to my heart/BP meds and wanted me to monitor and note readings to make sure we were reaching the desired results. The instructions were to place the cuff on your arm and find a place to sit and relax. I was to chill for 5 minutes and then take three readings. The lowest of which I was to notate. While none of my readings were high, it was always the case the 3rd reading was the lowest. It makes total sense the same would happen with anxiety sufferers as they calm down.

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    Re: Blood pressure

    I am thinking very similar to you. I don't know whether to accept the reading I had after a super high one either and recently have been really anxious about whether I need to get my BP checked again. I would love to be able to just check it every six months or so, but it appears I am terrified. I have never been diagnosed with high BP and rarely visit the doctor. They have taken it when I've been there, every few years.

    The last time was by a nurse and I think she mismanaged the situation entirely. It was an automatic machine which I had never used before and the cuff was very tight and I felt anxious immediately, then she said oo ooo it's high and I started getting really anxious, she left the cuff on and kept talking and I said I was anxious - she said it's not coming down and eventually gave up. I was super worried and she said, oh don't worry it's your anxiety, just take it in reception sometime. I said what if it isn't? She said very non chalently, well you'll get some medicine from the doctor if it isn't. I was so worried and woulnt accept that it was only anxiety, I thin it was something like 170/100!! But I was having a full on panic attack. I went back to the surgery that afternoon and used the automatic machine in reception and again, I got anxious as soon as the cuff tightened but didn't panic, the reading was 140/79 and reception said that was fine as the anxiety was still playing a part, they made a note on my records. Previous to this I had a readings of 130/70 ish and taken with old fashioned machine a few times at each test by my GP. I've always presumed it's actually lower than that otherwise my doctor would have said. In the UK the ideal is 120/80. I can't get it out of my head what happened with the nurse but others have told me she shouldn't have talked, left the cuff on etc, she said forget the test at the time, but I can't.

    Anyhow, I have recently worried I need to check it again or at least get in the habit - but the last experience has really created a fear. I'd love to just go and check it as a matter of habit every few months in the hope I will desensitise myself - did you get to be ok when you had to take it at home? I fear getting a home monitor and triggering a checking habit. I guess I'd just love to feel confident the reading is true and I am ok to just check every few years arrrgh it is so hard. So I have every sympathy but with you checking it after a month, I feel sure yours is higher due to anxiety alone and I would try and not test it, but not avoid your annual checks?

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    Re: Blood pressure

    Thanks for the feedback and stories everyone! What I did that ended up helping was setting a fixed time to take it - and a fixed day. And it had to be a time I wasnít rushed. I get nervous just at the thought of taking it - even my breathing gets shallow! My first readings are usually 165 or so and it even goes up after. If I keep taking it, it doe drop steadily. Usually I ended up in the mid to late 130ís. So itís borderline but... I force myself to stop because I can do it for the whole day. It usually takes 20min or so to drop. And sometimes by then I get nervous again (cause I want it to stay lower) and it goes back up. I am going to leave it alone now as I donít see what more can come of taking it.

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