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Thread: What can this be, seems like syncope but:-

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    What can this be, seems like syncope but:-

    . I did post this in the 'Symptoms' section by mistake, hope this is ok to post it here again, because it is related to panic attacks I do believe, anyway, here goes - Hi all fellow sufferers. Panic attacks - yes I've had it all - first caused by vertigo brought on by (what a consultant decided was 'Menier's disease' 20 years ago. all cleared up now). But, over the years I have returned early from holidays', cancelled booked and paid for holidays the morning we were supposed to go, am unable to fly anywhere, can't travel by bus, it just goes on and on. And all this, and the reasons why it happens, has been explained to me over and over again by well informed people. I take daily medication for depression and blood pressure. I have a packet of Diazapan but only take it sparingly (had to twist my doc's arm a bit for that). but the one symptom that now causes me the most stress is this sudden sensation I get of losing all strength in arms and legs and end up flopping down on to the floor. It does not happen if I am controlling my day myself. But, if put in a situation where I must be somewhere, a particular place, at a particular time, bang - I make a visit to the toilet and suddenly lose all strength in arms and legs and have a need to collapse on to the bathroom floor. The feeling will only pass once I take back control and do only what I want to do, when I want to do it. Does any of that ring bells with anyone else, or am I some kind of freak? I do know that this is not related to 'low blood pressure'. I take my own blood pressure readings and it has always been fine when tested at these vital moments. And so, can anyone relate to this problem, I would be so grateful to hear of it, Anyone?

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    Re: What can this be, seems like syncope but:-

    It is only a sensation, you are right to choose that word.

    what happens if you don't flop to the floor? Have you ridden it out? The strength is still there in your legs, your bones and muscles are still in place. When you feel your arms are weak, lift something fairly heavy. With your legs, run on the spot. Prove to yourself, your body is the same as it ever was.

    we are control freaks that's very true. On our terms we can get through the days, maybe stumbling a bit but we get there.
    i get decidedly twitchy when I'm not in control of stuff.
    Take my hand, we'll make it I swear....
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    Re: What can this be, seems like syncope but:-

    I wouldn't say it's syncope because you would either lose consciousness or feel like you're going to lose consciousness if it was low blood pressure, and probably feel dizzy and start losing your vision.

    Sometimes my arms and legs feel dead weak when I'm having a panic attack. Is your collapse to the floor voluntary because you're scared or out of your control?

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    Re: What can this be, seems like syncope but:-

    Thank you Darksky - What you say has given me food for thought - I will certainly try the 'lift something heavy' idea you suggest, and 'run on the spot', thanks for that.
    And thank you Gracesky - you ask if my 'collapse to the floor' is voluntary - again - I shall have to think that one through, I know that the feeling is one of being 'out of control', that does sound right. Many many thanks both.

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    Re: What can this be, seems like syncope but:-

    Diazepam can make me want to fall on the floor and sleep I know that much. They can pretty much floor you at times especially if you're taking them irregular and you have no tolerance. I use them daily, and even 6 months after being on the same dose I sometimes get so weak that all I can do is lay on the bed and stare at the wall until it passes. My body will refuse to move.

    It's not a paralysing feeling. It's more like a rag doll floppyness feeling. I can move if I try, but it's like my brain just says "no move, you stay here"

    It does sound voluntary if you ask me. If it was involuntary I think you'd be pretty freaked out about it and rushing yourself to A&E. The body tends to know when something is actually wrong, as opposed to a panic attack.

    Is it a coping mechanism you use to prove to yourself that you're ok?

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