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Thread: Frequent PVCs Having Trouble Coping

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    Unhappy Frequent PVCs Having Trouble Coping

    Hi all,

    Iím an otherwise healthy 27 year old guy but recently in the past few months Iíve been getting PVCs (verified by ECG) way more frequently then I used to. I used to get only 1 that Iíd notice every other day or less now I get around 50 a day. What really makes me nervous that I canít get past is that they happen usually while Iím up and walking around and can dependably go away or reduce in frequency if I lay down. I always heard they should go away with exercise so it makes me think thereís some sinister cause to them. This of course has made me not want to do any kind of physical activity and when itís really bad I have trouble just staying calm while walking and only want to sit around all day in fear that one of these times Iím going to drop dead from one. Iím always expecting and waiting for the next one to happen. I just donít know what to do. Itís effecting my job and quality of life drastically.

    Iíve had an echocardiogram, cardiac troponin, chest x-ray, chest ct with contrast all came back perfectly normal with no indication of heart disease. I do have a congenital heart rhythm anomaly called right bundle branch block and left posterior fascicular block so basically RBBB and half of left. It was determined itís benign and runs in my family something I was born with. But this just adds to my anxiety that maybe it is some heart disease they misdiagnosed.

    I also this weekend just got done with a 24h holter monitor that I turn in Monday so my anxiety is in overdrive with that hoping they see the PVCs are benign. I of course made the mistake of googling PVCs and found two things that have me worried like ďRĒ on ďTĒ phenomenon where the pvc lands on a T wave which isnít benign and multi focal PVCs which come from random areas of the heart instead of one which Iím also worried it could be. This holter will tell me that at least. But Iíve been to the ER and theyíve seen the PVCs and never mentioned anything so maybe that means they were benign.

    I just need some reassurance and maybe some tips on coping? I canít get past worrying each time I get one itís the end . Anyway thank you all for taking the time to read this PVCs are rough :/.

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    Re: Frequent PVCs Having Trouble Coping

    Just to shed some light, last year or the year before (can't remember), I went through this. About 50 in a day (or more), and very often when I was lying down for bed. At that point it would be like every second beat. I have NO IDEA what triggered it, but it went on like this for at least a month, most likely more. Then, one day they miraculously went away. I occasionally get a palpitation, but this 50 a day or more just went away. So have faith after all the testing that it's okay, keep living your life and before you know it they will be gone! (and hopefully you won't have moved on to a new health anxiety symptom)

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