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    Loss of appetite

    I have been on Celexa for about 2 weeks now, and no terrible side effects. However I seem to have lost my appetite! Has anyone else had this happen? Does your appetite come back?

    I am thin to begin with and I worry about losing any more weight (I guess it's a good problem to have, but also, losing your taste for food kinda sucks)

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    Re: Loss of appetite

    Yes I had this issue too. It will all come back. Try eating little and often and very plain food.

    Good luck x

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    Re: Loss of appetite

    Quote Originally Posted by coastgirl View Post
    However I seem to have lost my appetite! Has anyone else had this happen? Does your appetite come back?
    Loss of appetite isn't uncommon, nor is the opposite. In fact weight gain is the more common AD side-effect, although citalopram is less likely to affect weight, either way, than some of the other SSRIs/SNRIs.

    The organ which makes and uses most of the body's serotonin isn't the brain, it is only a minor player accounting for less than 2%, but the enteric nervous system (ENS), the mini brain which controls the gut (and to varying extents also the heart, lungs, even the main brain). It makes about 50 times as much serotonin as the brain and can therefore be even more affected initially by serotonergic ADs. This usually resolves within a few weeks as the body responds to the extra serotonin activity by downregulating its synthesis and expression, but could return for a short while after dose increases.

    Until your appetite returns I agree with Kendra, small, nutritious meals, more often is a good option, and maintain your fluids levels too.

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    Re: Loss of appetite


    yes I recently restarted Citalopram and my stomach was off definitely for first 2-3 weeks, now I m back to munching on chocolate and all sorts , so it will pass for sure. Just the initial side effect .

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