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Thread: I'm really scared please help

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    I'm really scared please help

    I've posted on here a lot lately as my health anxiety is really bad. I've had heart fears since I developed PVCs last year during my pregnancy. I've not got them now but what's really scaring me is that for the last two days I've had a tight chest feeling and an ache/pain in the middle of my chest that hurts my back. I'm panicking terribly that I'm having a heart attack. My throat also feels full and like there's food stuck in my windpipe and going down. At first I thought it was reflux pe indigestion but it wont go away and I've tried gaviscon tablets. I've not got the burning acid feeling just that my throat feels clogged up and mucusy and ot goes down into my chest.

    I'm 41 and in the last year I've had two 24hr ecgs and an echo and all fine. Could this be a heart attack? I'm feeling getting scared. It's the tightness and the deep ache and the fact my upper bad hurts.

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    I've often said that if indeed you were having a heart attack or even suffering from the physical effects of heart disease, you wouldn't be posting here seeking reassurance. With both my heart attacks, there was no question something was seriously wrong and I was off to the ER stat! GERD and the muscle tension associated with your anxiety would be the most reasonable and logical cause for the symptoms you're experiencing. Of course, I'm not a doctor so if you truly feel something is going on, see your doctor.

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    The most common symptom with digestion issues would be chest pain, exactly as you've described. GERD doesn't always feel like you expect it to, and digestion issues are almost mandatory with anxiety and/or stress.

    What you're describing doesn't sound remotely like a heart attack.

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    Hi Honeyskye,

    Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

    I have had the exact same thing as you. In July this year I began getting ectopic beats and I was absolutely terrified. It's a horrible very unsettling kind of feeling. Needless to say, I worked myself up to having them several times a day. Some days, every 4/5 beats. I too thought something was seriously wrong with my heart and I ended up in A&E with chest pressure, feeling of something stuck in my throat, burning in the stomach and Gaviscon tablets also didn't work for me.

    The pain I felt in my arms and chest was unbearable.

    I went through tests (2 ecgs and a 24 hour holter) - my ectopic beats were picked up in the 24 hour monitor. The doctor told me there was absolutely nothing to worry about and that I'm feeling it more cause I'm hypersensitive.

    I didn't believe him and thought it would get worse but weirdly the day after I got my results back, the ectopic beats disappeared and so did the chest pain etc.

    Please don't underestimate what anxiety can do to your body, it can literally give you all the symptoms of a heart attack and nothing is wrong. I went 4 month thinking I was having a heart attack.

    Speak to your GP and if you haven't had any tests done, maybe request it so it puts your mind at ease but honestly your fear is probably what's causing this and there's nothing seriously wrong.

    Sending you strength!

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    I just went to the drs who checked my pulse and oxygen levels and listened to my chest and he said all is okay. I asked if it could be a blood clot in my lung and he kind of laughed and said no. My pulse was 91. It's normally on average 70 but that's when I'm relaxed. What worries me is that it's been around 75 - 80 for a couple of days and not come down.

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    Your pulse won't come down if you're anxious.

    Furthermore, being 91 in a Doctors surgery whilst you're anxious and worried about your heart/chest means nothing. Well, it means you're anxious.

    You know your heart rate is higher when you're anxious right?

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    normal heart rate is 60-100 anxiety plays hell with our bodies, I always worried I am having a heartattack when I get anxious I get so anxious I throw up.
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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    Just last night I had a strange sensation where I felt a deep ache in my chest. It really did hurt and was like a band across my chest. The thought did cross my mind that "is this heart related due to increased exercise?" ... 20 minutes later I burped a lot and it was gone. Non anxious people would know that it's gas and wouldn't even worry about it. Anxiety people seem to forget what feels normal and what doesn't.

    I agree with Fishman. Your body would tell you if you was in real trouble.

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    Did your doctor not suggest what it could be?
    It sounds so much like heartburn/gerd.
    Gaviscon worked for me but doesn’t for everyone. You could try nexium maybe. But mostly, make sure you’re following the rules for heartburn and try and manage your stress levels. You’ll be ok xx

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    Re: I'm really scared please help

    Just read this after having horrendous heartburn three days ago and still having the lingering feeling in my chest, ache between my breasts, full of burping and stomach is making crazy sounds. I ws convinced it was cancer of the epiglottis (or whatever the spelling).
    A long time heath anxiety sufferer recently off antidepressants and thinking maybe I should have stayed on them. I've also been getting heart palpitations which is a new symptom for me but I can control them through meditation.
    All bloody exhausting.

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