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Thread: New phobia: poison

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    New phobia: poison

    Hello Everyone- Iím sure youíve seen me on here before.. heís Iím one of the ďcrazyĒ rabies people..

    Anyway- Iíve been doing okay for a few months... and now Iím starting to notice a new phobia..

    Iím paranoid of being poisoned ( either by a mistaken bad mushroom, something not being ďcannedĒ properly, or my newest... someone poisoning food when I go out...

    Iím noticing itís a fairly new thing.

    In my defense- Iím not a germaphobe- I touch raw meat all the time, I cook a ton- if something drops on the floor- ehh throw it back in the pot... Iím more now starting to latch onto things that caught me off guard.

    But recently Iíve noticed myself checking online for stuff like ďhow long does jamĒ last etc.... it all started a few weeks ago when I went to eat an artichoke from an open jar and it tasted rancid... cue my deep dive into researching canning processes.

    Anyway- any help would be possible. I ordered a burger yeasterday and noticed a weird kind of..yellow/white powdery substance... of course I thought someone was trying to poison me and have now been sick all day.

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    Re: New phobia: poison

    This is a very common OCD fear. Have you been diagnosed with OCD?
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    Re: New phobia: poison

    This definitely sounds like OCD to me.

    Why in the world would somebody be trying to poison you?
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    Re: New phobia: poison


    Why in the world would somebody be trying to poison you?[/QUOTE]
    I m so sorry but that just made me chuckle Blue Iris.
    I know we all have our issues here and yes sounds like OCD.

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    Re: New phobia: poison

    Anxiety can present OCD like behaviours too. Some are OCD over their heart, some over an illness. Whatever the case it tends to be vicious cycle.

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    Re: New phobia: poison

    I think what needs to be recognised here is that its very difficult to be poisoned accidentally unless you work with toxic chemicals or are exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation. Even then you would need to be careless. As a keen gardener I regularly handle poisonous plants including foxgloves and delphiniums, though would have to eat these plants to be poisoned.

    The other issue of someone trying to poison you is extremely remote. Not that I'm wishing to come across as dismissive, after all I've had health anxiety issues in recent years which have been equally illogical.
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