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    Surgery tomorrow and super anxious!

    Hi, I have surgery tomorrow and am super anxious. I have diazepam from the doctor and am wondering what dose will get me through the door and into surgery.

    I took 4mg this afternoon which calmed me a little but I canít see it being sufficient tomorrow!


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    Re: Surgery tomorrow and super anxious!

    Is it surgery where you are under general anaesthetics or just local ?

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    Re: Surgery tomorrow and super anxious!

    surgery will help you, thousands performed every day. its a problem being fixed - a good thing.x

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    Re: Surgery tomorrow and super anxious!

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    Re: Surgery tomorrow and super anxious!

    I had surgery 8 years back. First and only time (touch wood). I was horribly anxious and didn't have the luxury of diazepam. But it went fine. Soon as he put the liquid in me I was out, and then within an instant I was waking up in recovery feeling sore. Don't they usually give 10mg for dental and surgery work? They give my partner 10mg for dentist. I'm on 2mg x3 a day and that small dose is enough to keep me calm and anxiety free in general so they should definitely take the edge off. Trust me, that time during the operation you don't even know is gone. It's like you've blinked.

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