6 weeks ago in a sports event, I bumped my head against someone chest (to the side), no concussion symptoms and wasn't that hard of a collision.
Symptoms after hit:

- Tender left side of the hyoid bone when touching it.
- Pain on the left side when swallowing.
- No limits on neck movement or other types of pain.

Right now:

- Hyoid bone slightly protruding on the left side (Not sure if existed before the hit)
- No pain.
- Clicking sensation which drives me crazy.

Saw an ENT for it and he said it might have been a pulled muscle (Did laryngoscope, didn't recommend xrays or ct).
Right now, the throat is 'clicking' every time I swallow anything more than 'tiny' bits of foods or those that require more effort to go down the throat. Won't click when water or liquids go down.
Every time I hear this click it causes me to focus on every swallow which drives even more anxiety and stress and that will instantly guarantee every swallow in the current meal will include a 'click'.

Does this sound like a stretched ligament/tendon/muscle in the area ? Is it possible its anxiety related and the throat muscles become more tense and end it clicking even more?

I read about globes sensation, but didn't see 'clicking' included in the symptoms..

I'm so stressed the is going to be permanent.