Hi all! Trying to nip this current wave of intrusive thinking/panic in the bud. Recently, I've been having some intrusive thoughts that revolve around saying racial slurs out loud. I'm not racist. Actually, I'm biracial, even though looking at me, you'd think I was just white. Anyway, I keep thinking that I've said these things out loud or that I've somehow called my boyfriend and gone on a racist rant and he's going to dump/block me because of it. Why not just look at call history? I'm convinced that after I've done this horrible thing, I've deleted the call, so of course there is no evidence. So, I'm just left to anxiously wait it out each time until I hear from my boyfriend again. Most recently, I've been worried about accidentally video calling on Instagram or doing so in a dissociative state of mind and then deleting it. I've been avoiding getting on Instagram because of this. It's really driving me up the wall. So worried that I did this this morning.