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Thread: Throat bumps and lumps

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    Throat bumps and lumps

    Iíve been struggling with globulus/stress type throat feelings for 8 months and went to the gp who couldnít see anything at all. I was at the dentist today and asked him to take a look and he said he saw 2 small nodules of lyphatic tissue where my tonsils had previously been removed. He said they donít look dangerous at all and not to worry. Now of course Iím freaking. Anyone with experience?

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    Re: Throat bumps and lumps

    But he said nothing to worry about so why are you worried can I ask?

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    Re: Throat bumps and lumps

    I’m a total worry wart..... I’ve tried not to but totally catastrophize everything health related. He said it’s just 2 lymphatic nodules right where your tonsils were removed... nothing suspicious looking at all but follow up with the gp if they are still bugging u. I’ve been having globulus feelings for months (ironically going between different sides of throat and disappeared when I was on vacation). I have no clue why I can’t just accept this. In my mind it’s cancer (even though im 33 and never smoked)

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