I’m in vacay in florida and walking back to my condo at night, but when I was walking I felt as if something brushed my hand. I felt a weird feeling on my hand for a while after but then my mind goes back to thinking it might have been a bat or something. It was only a while ago I heard on the news someone just had their hand brushed by one and it turned out to be infected. That scared me so much since there was no real wound.

there is sometimes I feel as if I see things move in my peripheral vision and so I keep thinking that I might have seen it in the corner of my eye. Idk why I think this

but then an hour later I’m playing cards against humanity and then of course the Rabies card gets played and I just felt so panicked.

idk what to think. I feel like I can’t get over this, I’m terrified and it just seems so real