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Thread: Moving pain in chest and back

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    Moving pain in chest and back

    Hello all,

    Itís been a while since I posted and Iím happy about it, but now a new thing has popped up and Iím trying not to spiral.

    Iíve started having random pains in mostly my chest and itís usually on the left side. Itís like a stabbing. Then it sometimes moves lower under the breast or over to the right side. Then it occasionally goes around to the back.

    Iíve tried to tell myself that itís either from carrying too much weight (heavy baby, heavy bags, bad posture, etc.) or hormonal changes.

    I just worry that itís also a heart issue or some kind of breast cancer. Iíve had echocardiograms and mammograms in the last five years, so Iím telling myself that Iím still good...but Iím still scared.

    Iím 31 and Iíve got two kids. Iím not noticing any other symptoms other than the random moving pain.

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    Re: Moving pain in chest and back

    I get these after doing core exercises. I used to think it meant something, but I started paying attention to when I feel it. It is not constant, it moves, and it changes when I breathe. All signs of muscular triggers, NOT heart.

    If you are doing post baby workouts or even carrying the baby and bags, I think this can easily be the cause. Could also be things like walking a dog etc.

    The truth is, if you are on here, you are ultra sensitive to anything like this. I donít think you have anything to worry about here.

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    Re: Moving pain in chest and back

    I definitely noticing every random pain. I keep thinking it’s from too much weight on my shoulders and bad posture, but you know how anxiety messes with you :(.

    Thank you!

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