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    Thumbs up CBT my experience so far:

    I have just had my 10th session:
    I realised before I started that I must be completely honest with myself and therapist to gain from this experience. After all I've waited 13 months for CBT.
    There were "things" in my head - experiences, mostly from childhood, that I'd never talked about before. I've had a pretty rough few years, so nothing to lose. That unloading was in itself cathartic. I have to engage fully into the CBT in order to make positive changes to my life.

    We have already looked at areas of my life that could be improved and I am actively engaging to look and act positively there, mostly my behaviour, even though it is hard - my relationship with my son and his partner.

    My therapist is going to look at groups that I could take part in, to discuss at my next appointment.

    I have been assessed for psycho analytical therapy by a psychiatrist at St Mary's hospital in Leeds. I was turned down and the reason:
    It would not be cost effective as no positive outcome would be expected and it could be detrimental to my mental health. I also cannot have short term counselling following my CBT., as I present with more than one issue that needs addressing, and the NHS can't fund that.
    I am informed.

    If I want further therapy I willI need to apply to Mind.
    Any thoughts on this welcome?
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