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Thread: Engulfed in a panic attack right now

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    Engulfed in a panic attack right now

    So my cat peed on the towels(by the smell not today) It stunk really bad, like ammonia. Then I did laundry like normal. I ADDED BLEACH ! Now I cannot help to think I have created a dangerous gas. I made us go outside for about 2 hours ( because it got dark) now We're back inside and my throat burns and my chest hurts. It's just me, everyone is fine and upset I made them do all this. so I really think we are okay but I cant stop!

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    Re: Engulfed in a panic attack right now

    When you add bleach to a washing machine you’re diluting it massively. There’s no chance you would have created enough of a dangerous gas to do you any harm. That being said, if I even open a bottle of bleach the smell makes my throat burn - I think that’s just what the smell of bleach does lol. I wouldn’t worry!! You’ll be fine, and now your towels are super clean!

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    Re: Engulfed in a panic attack right now

    Don't sweat it. I work with bleach a lot because I'm an OCD clean freak. I've put my hands into buckets full of neat bleach and breathed the stuff in, in large amounts. I'm still as fit as a fiddle. You'll be fine. You know this is just your anxiety overthinking the situation.

    When our cat pees on clothing we wash the stuff in a hot wash with regular fabric soaps. Comes out smelling fresh.

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