Had the ENT appointment today, he was pleased. He didn't look up my nose or throat just in ears, not sure if that was normal but I couldn't find much info online. Had a hearing test first which threw me off and I was on brink of panic attack during and after expecting to me the worst hearing in the world (though I've had no concerns prior, anxiety is weird huh).

My hearing is normal. He wasn't concerned at all, I explained my anxiety background so he explained where results would be if they were bad. I did that annoying Reb thing by asking the actual specialist if he 'was sure' I was OK.

Tinnitus, he said it's common unfortunately and more people have it than I'll find in stats. He said its lingered from the infection and ill notice it more I think about it, true as I've experienced it today. Like someone had a jet wash on in the distance. He also said sinus issues are common with anxiety too.

CBT, was booked 2 weeks ago but I had my child off sick so missed the call and she didn't call back. Chased up immediately and rebooked for this Weds.