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    Scary Pains

    Some of you will have seen posts from me lately on all manner of things. My anxiety is very high. Every sensation I get terrifies me.

    A few weeks ago I started getting a dull ache in the centre of my upper back that felt like it was going through to my chest and vice versa. It makes my chest feel tight and heavy. I went to the drs who checked me out and said all seemed fine and probably reflux (as I'd been having a full feeling in my throat too) and muscle tension.

    Here I am on boxing day petrified I'm about to have a heart attack as I've got the same pain and my back is do painful and uncomfortable and the pain feels so deep. I took my pulse and it dropped as low as 58 earlier (normally anywhere between 64 - 74) so I'm fretting theres something seriously wrong with my heart.

    For background I'm 41 and have very high anxiety/stress. I have two children 7 and 11 months and work full time. I get little sleep/rest and my home life with my husband is stressful. I'm pretty healthy, don't drink or smoke. I'm classed as overweight for my height but not massively so. I've never had any blood pressure problems and the dr said as I went through pregnancy with normal blood pressure I'm not going to get problems now. I got lots of PVCs during my pregnancy and had a 24hr monitor but it came back clear. I had a flow murmur after giving birth but it went away. This all started my heart worries. I've had countless ecgs and in march this year I had an echo - all normal and in July I had another 24hr tape which came back normal.

    I'm scared of this pain so much. I'm scared my heart rate has dropped lower. If you Google chest pain it's "if in doubt get to hospital asap" which panics the crap out of me. It's not a pain as such more just a discomfort. Can indigestion do this? Can muscle tension do this?

    I cant rationalise. I'm going to see the dr again but can any help? I've had a panic attack already today over this.

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    Re: Scary Pains

    I should also add I've had a cold and laryngitis recently and I get post nasal drip

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    Re: Scary Pains

    Hi Iíve had this ache before and put it down to anxiety and tension. Try having a warm bath or sitting with a hot water bottle where the ache is and see if that helps. By the sounds of it youíve been checked out a few times so thatís always a good thing. I hope it eases for you

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