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    I always have dreams about cheating on my boyfriend

    I have always had a really hard time with separating dreams from reality and have more often than not thought something that happened in a dream happened in real life. It kind of ****s with me because I constantly get memories screwed up. I very often have these kind of dreams where theyíre hyper realistic, I often wake up with the strong belief that the events of the dream really happened and I have to use logic to tell myself ĎIíve been at home...I went to sleep I didnít REALLY go out and become a zookeeper in the Cincinnati zoo in Americaí for example
    But the most common one is dreams that Iíve cheated on my boyfriend. I have never ever cheated on my boyfriend nor any ex boyfriends in the past but it is such a recurring theme in my dreams that I will Ďrememberí that I have cheated on him, and the whole storyline is me trying to come terms with the guilt and realising what I have done and trying to figure out how to tell him. I wake up and completely doubt myself whether it happened or not, but then I apply the logic and KNOW that I no, didnít go out and **** my male friend last night because I watched films and went to bed plus heís currently hundreds of miles away from me. In the dream I even messaged my friend Ďdid we have sex last nightí and I woke up this morning and frantically checked my texts just to make sure i didnít actually.
    Itís becoming quite a problem because Iím starting to feel genuine guilt over something I havenít even done and I know I have never cheated yet part of my brain is worried I have. Even though I KNOW I havenít. Any insight on what this means?

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    Re: I always have dreams about cheating on my boyfriend

    I don't think it has to mean anything. I think that one thing that happens with dreams is that you will have some random dream that makes you anxious, and then your brain gets anxious about that dream itself. Then you start having the dream recur because you're anxious about the dream. Not because the dream actually means anything.

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    Re: I always have dreams about cheating on my boyfriend

    Have you talked to your boyfriend about it?
    I got friends like Paco Picopiedra

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