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Thread: Tonsilitis and heart palpitations

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    Tonsilitis and heart palpitations

    I have tonsilitis and am on antibiotics, I have started to get heart palpitations really bad, so bad that they have kept me awake all night. I am really stressing that they are either a side effect of the antibiotics or my heart is failing. I'm so stressed!

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    Re: Tonsilitis and heart palpitations

    littlemissworry, these palpitations may be due to the infection! If you're running any sort of fever, our heart rate tends to go up and may make these worse. You can read my post in this forum to see what I mean. I'd also DEFINITELY call your doc (don't let them blow you off, make sure you talk to a competent party!) and ask if that could be a side effect of the medication. Just relax for now, that never makes it better. Easier said than done, I know. All the best - Jon

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