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Thread: Heart palps and worries

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    Heart palps and worries

    Hi everyone. Iíve been suffering with health anxiety for about ten years now. You name it, Iím sure Iíve had it; cancers, diabetes etc. Every time Iíve been wrong though and deep down I know Iím a healthy 29 year old, but my mind is constantly playing tricks on me.

    Anyway, the one area that seemed to avoid my anxiety was my heart. That was until I got an Apple Watch and became obsessed with heart rate. I convinced myself I had bradycardia and then developed palpitations that feel like a heart rush. I know this is stupid because this only started since I got the watch and began focusing on my heart.

    Has anyone else experienced this sensation with health anxiety? Itís like a rush through my heart that lasts for a second or two. I get around 5-10 per day and itís lasted for several months. Is this something to be worried about? I hate going to the doctors (part of my anxiety), so want to see if this is a common symptom and nothing to worry about? Thanks in advance for comments and Happy New Year to all.

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    Re: Heart palps and worries


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