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Thread: Back again

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    Back again

    Hi all!

    So I found this forum a year ago when I was getting a lot of pvcs. After a few months, I got things under control and felt freedom from my anxiety about my heart. I still got the occasional pvc, but no big deal.

    2 months ago I was laid off from work, and started a new job just this past week. Add Christmas to that and 4 kids home for the Christmas break and the pvcs started being more common.

    Now the pvcs for the most part I dont care about. Been there done that.

    What isnt so acceptable is these twinges of pain that keep coming into my chest. At one point, it was quite painful for a brief period, but that was after eating pizza and guacamole with a lot of garlic, so I think that was heartburn. These pains have been off and on for a few weeks. They last seconds and can sometimes move from the left to right side of my chest.

    I was riding my bike a month ago and it slipped on ice. I was clipped in, so I landed hard on my left side, which is also the side where I get these twinges of pain.

    Of course my brain is going to angina, etc etc. I had a physical about a month ago, no issues. Had an ecg, stress test etc in March, no issues other than the occasional pvc.

    Any thoughts? Looking for affirmation here. I am aware that these pains are likely shoulder/anxiety.

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    Re: Back again

    Well the good thing is you've identified AND described the reasons for all of your pains and twinges.

    Try and focus on the obvious, not the mysterious and imaginary.

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    Re: Back again

    Yeah. You know how it is Joe. No pains since I wrote my post.

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