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Thread: Hight resting heart rate...

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    Hight resting heart rate...

    hello (again)...

    i was taking 0.25mg xanax every 6hr, but weaned myself down to half that.. (sliver of a pill).
    then i started traveling (about 45 days ago) and got off my schedule. so now i just take two fragments a day... some days just one... i haven't had the stress i had in previous trips thanks to lexapro in the morning. and feel pretty good.

    however, the last week i've seen my resting heart rate jump from 58 - 65 to a baseline of 75 - 80. haven't ever seen this in the three years i've been tracking my HR.

    could an increase HR be due to overall stress of travel, or the irregular xanax schedule?

    i would have thought, since anxiety is psychological that when you're deep asleep it would go back to your normal baseline..

    thanks.. 45yo male

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    Re: Hight resting heart rate...

    An oncoming cold or flu can cause this. Certainly anxiety can cause this as well. For me, there are times when I awake (sort of) at night and imagine things related to HA. If that happens, my HR is always higher for a while. My point is that negative anxious thoughts definitely increase HR, but other, non-nefarious things can also raise it.

    So travel stress raises it for 24 hours. You notice and become anxious. Now it is elevated for a week and you don’t know when the anxiety became the cause.

    My resting HR is around 54, but strides up to mid 60s at least several days a month. I don’t think anything under 100 resting is a big deal. That said, those of us with HA are very aware of what “healthy” numbers mean. So aware in face that we make ourselves unhealthy through the stress of obsessing about health.

    HA is an ass.

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    Re: Hight resting heart rate...

    Travelling alone can cause this, especially if you're crossing time zones. 75-80 still isn't even remotely high. I wouldn't pay any attention to it, as doing so is guaranteed to keep it high.

    Also, anxiety isn't just psychological, that's a myth. Anxiety is a psychological and physical state that feed off each other, so you may be physically run down too.

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