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    Question Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD

    Hi All, hope everyone is well.

    I'm having a (not so urgent) problem and could use some encouragement. I am 20 years old and in my sophomore year of college. I've been dealing with GAD since I was 13. I've been working since I was 16, and my anxiety has negatively impacted every job that I've ever had. For example, I left my last job at an amusement park because I kept having panic attacks and leaving early.

    Now that I'm an adult, I'm starting to apply for professional summer internships. I'd love to work in a library or special collections archive, which are pretty relaxing places. My problem is that many of these internships are halfway across the country, and I'd have to live in an apartment away from my parents and work a typical 9-5. I'm scared that I will fail miserably at this if I can't manage my GAD.

    I'm afraid to be on my own and work somewhere that is unfamiliar with my panic attacks. I get bad spacial anxiety/vertigo that makes it hard for me to work long stretches without sitting down. Unfortunately, this problem always comes across as unprofessional even though I am a hard worker and feel passionate about what I do.

    Does anybody have any tips for entering the professional world with GAD? Any tips for communicating with superiors and explaining that I have these issues without sounding unprofessional? Would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD


    Professional library worker here: please be aware that they're actually not the relaxing workplaces a lot of people seem to think. You get pressure from surprising sources - obnoxious customers, eccentric management and constant funding cuts, not to mention the general assumption by the general public that the skillset you've earned is worthless now they can search on Wikipedia.

    I'm not saying for an instant not to go with it, just be aware that it can be stressful and thankless, and you'll need a measure of passion for helping people to keep yourself going.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Have you had any treatment for the GAD/ panic attacks you help you cope with them - as it may give you more confidence in your ability to cope which should build confidence in yourself.

    Also, although I was a lawyer, I didn’t study discrimination law (especially not in America) I just wondered if there is any protection for people who tell their employers that they suffer from GAD x
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    Re: Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD

    Massive kudos for tackling this in a fashion that means you're not avoiding work, but looking for ways to move forward and still do it.

    In terms of your anxiety, it may be helpful to approach your recovery in a different way. It's very common to try and avoid situations where panic may occur, but it's actually more beneficial to learn to accept the panic attacks. If you have a panic attack at work, so what? It happens, it passes. This is a Universal truth, and a core technique of CBT. Now this is easier said that done, but once you learn this tool it's a massive step towards long term recovery. Allow your brain to learn that if you have a panic attack at work, it's not 'day over'. It's a tricky 10 minute part of the day that can happen, and can pass. If you start looking at your recovery this way now, it will probably change the way you look at work in the future.

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    Re: Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD

    Thank you for the helpful responses everyone - I really appreciate it.
    I used to go to therapy, but now that I'm in college it's tougher to get access to treatment. I'm considering reaching out to the health center at my school soon. I'll also be working as a library page on campus for the spring, so hopefully that can help me ease into a more professional environment.
    Your kind words/advice mean a lot!

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    Re: Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD

    Good luck, this can be manageable with practice.

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    Re: Scared to Look for an "Adult" Job with GAD

    Have you looked at maybe doing medical billing and coding or medical transcription, billing and coding you are behind a computer all day and are pretty much left alone unless you need to contact insurance and takes calls, medical transcription you work from home transcribing doctors notes for medical records. I took classes with them, however I didn;t get a job, only because my major depressive disorder prevents me from getting out of bed on most days, I did complete the course and you pay monthly payments and it includes all your books and such and they send them to you and you work at your own pace. Also perhaps moving and doing the adult thing would help your anxiety and if it doesn't work out I am sure your parents would let you move back home, being an adult and having those adult responsibilities are scary for the first time having to do it. (no mods my link is not a spam, LOL sorry had to throw that in as I report a spam post, where the spammer replied to the op then slipped in a link to something totally not about what op was talking about)
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