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    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your post was moved from its original place to a sub-forum that is more relevant to your issue.

    This is nothing personal - it just enables us to keep posts about the same problems in the relevant forums so other members with any experience with the issues can find them more easily.

    Please also read this post:

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    Re: Fedup

    I composed a big long post but it was not put up. I have been coming to the website for 10 years but not joined. I have had panic attacks, ocd, choking fear but slight agoraphobia but mainly health anxiety. I mainly had a mixture of all the above at my worst. I no longer have panic attacks, ocd, or agoraphobia. I still have health anxiety- like now when I think Iím having a brain hemorrhage because of a slight pressure in my ear. I have also spent many days convinced I have MS although I have no idea what the symptoms are as I wonít allow myself to google them 🤪 I am currently preoccupied with MS again. Iím fed up of this ridiculous behaviour. Iím writing this as it feels liberating to finally put it out there. I also know that one day I will actually really have something to worry about 🤒 Iím a fool wasting my time worrying now. Hopefully one day this will get better as I am now much better than I was x feb up of being scared all the time

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    Thanks Nicola, I posted a longer one after - I have never used a forum before

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