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Thread: Armpit pain! Freaking out

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    Armpit pain! Freaking out

    Last night I was having some pain near my arm pit. I donít know what the area is called, but itís that part of your chest right next to wear the armpit starts. It seemed like a muscle strain pain since it felt really hard, so I massaged it and it ended up feeling better. This morning the pain started again and I can feel like a lump that moves back and forth when I push on it and move it around. This may just be a knot, but Iím freaking out that itís a lymph node. Anyone ever experienced this before? I will say that I was doing 3-point rows at the gym on Tuesday which may have contributed.

    I started my health anxiety journey a year ago at this point, but still get some minor recurrent worries. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Armpit pain! Freaking out

    I've noticed this recently, too, and mine seems to come and go with my period. I read somewhere it's the most common spot for soreness before your period. Also - the workout you did would definitely make sense.

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