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Thread: Anyone have bladder urgency issues related to anxiety?

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    Anyone have bladder urgency issues related to anxiety?

    I've had this off and on for years. I think its a syndrome.

    When I'm really anxious (I have GAD) or super stressed out and rushing to do something- I have an urgent need to pee with painful bladder spasms.. My research tells me I'm contracting my tight pelvic floor, that is, pulling it up, and pinching on my bladder causing the urgency.

    If I can succeed in relaxing my muscle tension by doing my breathing meditation or distracting myself or taking a hot bath (a no no - too drying) I can get out of it and it will completely disappear but I can't always do those things at the time.

    I'm a daily runner (3.5 miles) vegetarian, have vaginal atrophy 'am and night time wine drinker.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    P.S. I have interstitial cystitis but this is wholly different.


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    Re: Anyone have bladder urgency issues related to anxiety?

    Yes, whenever I'm very anxious, I have to go constantly. I think it's something to do with the digestive system being one of the biggest producers of serotonin and the flight-or-fight response and then muscle contraction (like you said). Pretty normal anxiety reaction.
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    Re: Anyone have bladder urgency issues related to anxiety?

    I had it as long as I can remember

    It become a habit so that you get it even when not anxious

    I was once given alpha blockers for prostate, they stop yous taking a leak so much

    If yous got hi blood pressure this could be a double edge sord

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