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Thread: Pressure headache for a week

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Hi Benni. I’ve had this before and right now. In April of 2019 my mother was diagnosed with cancer (lung cancer that spread to her brain). I went into a tail spin. I think what started as a sinus issue because of allergies turned into a 6-7week constant pressure headache. It would move about my head and when I would spin out with anxiety it would get tighter feeling. I had an MRI then and it was absolutely fine. Now recently it’s happening to me again. I saw a neurologist today who found no reason to repeat the MRI but did say tension in the neck will cause this type of feeling, he prescribed a high dose of NSAIDS and a muscle relaxer. I am just as nervous as you right now worrying about the “what if” my anxiety won’t chill until I see a clear answer. Like for me I need the imaging done to know ok it’s just anxiety. Even though I went through this EXACT type of headache before. My mind will still go to the “what if”. You are not alone.

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    I too have had a lot of head pressure in the past and have had it for about 6 weeks constantly with dizziness, I worry myself as my mother had a brain tumour so I always jump to the worst scenario as we all do with health anxiety. My dr has also put me on a high dose of NSAIDs and muscle relaxers like @gflanagan86 in case it is to do with my TMJ disorder which I suffer with badly. But I have to call back in a couple of weeks if it continues.

    The longer it goes on the more scared I get, I'm no doubt making the symptoms worse, but the dizziness and feeling so unsteady on my feet is hard to ignore along with the head pressure.

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    I have exactly the same and have done for another a week now. It's driving my anxiety crazy.

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    The only thing I can say is to be greatful you have a motivating pain. It may be too much for you, but I had this, and when it went away, I became lazy and childishly pouty and obstinant. I miss the tension I had that made me complete tasks.

    Try funneling the discomfort into serious activities and be proud of your achievements and endurance.

    If you really want to get rid of it, learn about brain sinuses, and lymph flows in your brain and dialate them during chi like meditation.

    You'll regret getting rid of it completely. You could even die homeless and starving without it.

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