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Thread: Pressure headache for a week

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    Pressure headache for a week

    Hi everyone,

    Me again. I always promised myself I'd never fall down the rabbit hole as far as some users I have seen on here over the years but here I am, hurtling headfirst into the abyss...

    I've already been worried about tripping up over words and saying the wrong thing to what I meant to say recently but tried to get on. Some days have been better than others but im still doing it and every time I do I get hit by a wave of anxiety that takes ages to shake off.

    Anyway since Saturday I've also had what I presume is a tension headache (although I fear far worse.....!). It keeps moving round my head but the main symptom is tightness be it in my forehead, temples, jaw, face and its constant from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. Ive woken up a few times at night and its been there then too.

    I guess my question is can this be normal? Has anybody else experienced this? I had a CT scan in June last year as I was having constant dizziness and messing my words up and that came back clear. I thought I'd shaken the brain tumour demon but its back with a vengeance and I'm so fed up. Just want my life back.

    I should add I spoke to my GP yesterday and she didn't want to hear it. She said she isnt going to investigate and is not prepared to buy into my health anxiety so now im naturally worried I've managed to push her away with all of my irrational fears.

    Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Have you had a cold/sinus issues at all? Iíve had pressure headaches last well over a week even without having had issues before hand but more commonly following or along side a sinus issue - which the pain and tightness youíre describing does sound like.
    If not consider your posture and sleeping position and if your been having any dental problems.

    The doctor would investigate even if you had been in there every day, if they thought it was necessary. Itís not a case of crying wolf, they just know whatís needed. They will always treat and investigate if itís needed.

    Positive vibes,


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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Thanks for your reply mouse....

    No, not any sinus issues that I am aware of. Just a weird pressure headache that keeps moving around all over the place. My GP has been brilliant the whole time I've been on one to be fair, I just worry I'm reaching a tipping point where everything is dismissed as being caused by anxiety and/or stress. I'm finding this headache hard though as its literally my number one most feared symptom as I've convinced myself numerous times over the past 9 months I have a brain tumour.

    I was doing well after my CT scan but all good things come to an end as they say and lo and behold I'm back again at rock bottom. My CBT therapist said to me this week I'm the most extreme case of HA shes ever had to deal with and even they are considering alternative options.

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Do you have any muscle tension in your upper back or neck? The thoracic and neck area are notorious for creating weird sensations when everything is too tense, or even slightly out in line there. I can get intense pressure in my head and jaw, and my ears even ring when I sit at a bad angle at my desk. There are lots of nerves and ligaments up there that can get easily irritated and create tension, dizziness, headaches and even make you feel off balance. Add anxiety on top of that and you'll likely be tensing your muscles up subconsciously somewhere in your neck.

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Its plausible I guess, the base of my neck does also feel tight as well as the areas around my head. I don't have the best posture, I work at a desk all day but I've never had anything like this before from it hence the worry. I'll try some heat pads on my neck later and see if that helps to ease it a bit as its making me thoroughly miserable as well as extremely anxious!

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    If you have somebody kind enough to give your shoulders and neck a gentle massage, that can really help too. Posture can create so many weird feelings. It's so unlikely to be something like a brain tumour. I had this fear too. Had CT, MRI and so many neuro tests to check out my strange pressure headaches, yet there was nothing wrong in my brain. Hope the heat pads help, make sure to relax your shoulders too as they can create related tension in the neck

    Also, new things cropping up when I haven't done anything differently make me anxious too and I usually jump to something sinister. But really, your posture or muscle tension could have been there a long time before your body decided it didn't want to deal with it anymore and decided to complain about it.
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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Hi Benny-
    I just posted something very similar to this. I have had this odd pressure in my head, it started in the back, sometimes itís on the sides but now itís moved to the top of my head. It feels like someone has their finger pressed on the crown of my scalp. It doesnít hurt, per se, but is annoying. My anxiety is out of control right now, because itís been going on 3 weeks! So hereís what Iíve tried thus far- my neck muscles are very tight, and like you, I work at a PC all day. I have been going to the chiro to get adjusted which does seem to give relief. I also just got a deep tissue massage, and it also helped a bit. I think doing some neck stretches (I donít have a good place to refer you to, as I need to look this up myself!) would be helpful. Also, I bought one of those heating packs you can stick in the microwave for my neck. I know this is scary, I hate it and my mind goes to worse case scenario. I think that it probably boils down to tight muscles and anxiety. I hope you find relief soon!

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Oh, PS.. you mentioned tension in your jaw. It just so happened that I had a dentist appt yesterday and told her I was having some tension in my jaw. She noticed I had some
    Wear on my molars - apparently I grind my teeth (literally had no idea!) and I also clench my jaw (this I knew) so she suggested a mouth guard. Maybe that would help- you could be grinding your teeth and not be aware of it?

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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    Thanks for all your replies. I was doing ok I guess today but it's still there and feels so persistent. It's not painful, it's just an uncomfortable pressure sensation now for 9-10 days so I'm now becoming very unsettled.

    It doesn't help that I saw the drummer in rush has died from a glioblastoma, the thing I fear the most and am convinced I've got/get. It seems to be popping up everywhere I look lately.

    I guess I'll go back to the doctor next week.
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    Re: Pressure headache for a week

    I hope you get some answers soon- as mentioned, Iím dealing with the exact same thing (and also heard the news of the Rush drummer.. kicked my anxiety into high gear). A couple questions for you - have you taken any headache meds, and does it help? What about anxiety meds? I have Xanex that Iíve taken from time to time and that takes my mind off it. Does the roof of your mouth feel any pressure at all? Do you have heart palpitations? I do, but That could just be my anxiety causing mine.

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