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Thread: heart attack? anxiety? stomach?

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    heart attack? anxiety? stomach?

    Yesterday, I think I overworked myself and my heart gave me a punch and then I got sweaty and clammy for a bit. After that I was just breathless the rest of the evening (may or may not be from anxiety). I slept it off, had sleep paralysis, back to sleep. Been a little sluggish today. Iím in bed again shivering (cold weather) and having a burning feeling in my body like itís my stomach/GERD. I suffer from GERD and find it hard to differentiate my heart and stomach. What should I do?

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    Re: heart attack? anxiety? stomach?

    Are you on any PPI's? If not, you might get with your doctor to see if you need a prescription. GERD and even hiatal hernias have been know to cause breathing issues along with anxiety/panic disorder.

    BTW you can get chills or shiver after coming down from a panic attack.
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