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Thread: Anxiety IBS ruining me

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    Anxiety IBS ruining me

    Hey guys - I had 3 good weeks without needing even one imodium from december the 21st til these past few days due to a gig (Im a musician) a date and a car accident last week. The good thing is that Im beginning to pinpoint the actual cause of my IBS which apparantly is extreme EXTREME anxiety; I thought it to be purely diet but after a whole month of no uni, work, financial stress and no relationship troubles, it has been heaven. I have been sleeping better and drinking more water and keeping to a diet without onion, garlic, broccoli, fizzies, wholemeals and spicy food but two days ago after the build up of my date and a gig, I used the bathroom and it was (tmi) explosive. I freaked out, thinking it was a bug of some kind (Im emetophobic) and took an imodium so I could last through the show. I starved for the entire 2 days during my stay at the city the gig was in and havent used the bathroom since and have managed to eat now that Im home. I do think it was anxiety as I havent needed to "go" despite eating a few meals since yesterday and feeling 100%. My main concern though is how uncontrollable my stomach was...I had plans to go for lunch in the city that day and I was too scared due to the explosive incident - does ANYONE have any cure for extreme gut sensitivity? just the thought of going on a 2nd date has my guts in knots :(

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    Re: Anxiety IBS ruining me

    No cure, sadly, I've trained myself not to freak out about it, though, which has made my life much easier. The only time this stuff panics me now is if I'm stuck on public transport.
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