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Thread: GERD, I guess

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    GERD, I guess

    I initally posted in the HA forum but I deleted since I think it should be here...and I feel slightly less anxious in the light of day, although I'm still dwellin on some things! I finally went to the doctor for the stomach problems I've been having on and off since the summer. The doctor didn't seem too concerned about my bowel irregularities and stomach cramps, but she did diagnose me with acid reflux for some other symptoms. She thinks it was brought on by anxiety and made worse by Seasonal Affective Disorder mood changes. She prescribed me with 1 month of Prilosec and told me to watch my diet.

    I'm a bit nervous about the Prilosec because I already have irregular stools and I heard it can cause diarrhea. This morning I thought I felt a little nauseaous after taking it, but that could just be in my head. Has anyone had good or bad luck with treating this? I'm supposed to go back after 6 weeks if I'm still having symtpoms and that seems like such a long time to wait to be sure if I'm better.

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    Re: GERD, I guess

    I used to have GERD five years ago due to anxiety. I took Prilosec without any issues. If anything, it made me a little constipated.
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    Re: GERD, I guess

    GERD and IBS go hand in hand, meaning it's common to have both. Iam going to have to get checked soon to see if I have IBS.
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    Re: GERD, I guess

    Unfortunately I didn't tolerate the omeprazole well (it made me nauseaus and super bloated), so the doctor says to try an H2 blocker instead.
    I'm still worried about the diarrhea so hopefully that clears up soon.

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