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Thread: What to do about "trigger words"?

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    What to do about "trigger words"?

    It seems that, the more I have "trigger words" the more crippling my mental health can be for me.

    If you don't know what I mean, allow me to give an example. Let's say I'm reading a chapter of a book and when I get to the end, the last sentence is "[this character] is dead". The last word being "dead". Because I'm afraid to die, reading that last word will increase that anxiety further. And it usually doesn't go away until a day later. To make it go away on the spot I can go back a few sentences and look at another word like "alive" or "living" or any other word to calm me down. But that can be tedious. I'm not sure if this is making sense to anyone but yeah, thats what happens regarding my anxiety and OCD. Any way I can fix this? Thanks.

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    Re: What to do about "trigger words"?

    Are you getting any help with your OCD?

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    Re: What to do about "trigger words"?

    The thing is, I'm not actually diagnosed with OCD. I think it is because of these things happening with my mental health.

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