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Thread: More breast issues and need some logical thinking

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    Breast pain in one breast


    im sorry to post yet again. My anxiety is spiralling again and I don’t have counselling for another week.

    I noticed earlier in the month by accident that a certain area on my breast hurt if I pushed it. I think I was rearranging myself into my bra when I first noticed it. I would push this area and get a horrible pinch type pain and if I pushed again straight after no pain. My breast obsession has moved on to my left breast now (was convinced I had cancer in my right breast for months first). I would also only feel this pain if when I pushed I kind of cupped my breast over my nipple and pushed with finger tips the pain would come. My nipple was really sensitive this month and last so I’ve been very fixated on my left breast. I put it to one side

    my daughter has had a nasty ear infection this week. We’ve been in most of the week and my anxiety has really spiralled as there has been lots of sitting around and too much time to think. So I started poking my boob to see if the pain was still there and it is. I’ll poke get the pain, poke a few more times and no pain. I’ll leave it half an hour and start poking again. I could poke 10 times and it hurt 2 out of those ten times. It also doesn’t matter how I hold the breast the pain comes in that area so can’t be nipple like I first thought.

    I csnt work out why its just this one area and no where else on my boob that hurts when I touch it? If you were looking at me straight on its slightly higher than my nipple to the left that I’ve got this pain patch.

    I even started googling it again this morning and I’m so annoyed with myself as I’ve stayed off google for weeks. I know it’s hurting more now as I’ve been poking and prodding for past few days but I was getting this pain prior to all the poking and prodding.

    I hate to come accross so obsessive but I just csnt stop thinking about it and panicking. I can feel my anxiety getting really bad and I’m really battling to stay logical about this.

    Thanks x
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