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Thread: Acid Reflux/Gerd ?

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    Question Acid Reflux/Gerd ?

    I need some reassuring words to calm me down.

    What are your symptoms of acid reflux ??

    Burning is not a big one for me so I'm worried all my other symptoms are not acid reflux . Where do you get pain???

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    Re: Acid Reflux/Gerd ?

    Haven't had it for a while, but I get really crushing, heavy pain beneath my breastbone. On one occasion it went up into my jaw, too, and I was slightly worried it was something else. These days it mostly causes sore throats and the occasional cough.
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    Re: Acid Reflux/Gerd ?

    I've had GERD for about nine years related to a hiatal hernia. Occasional I get pain underneath the breastbone, in my upper back, all over my ribs or just one side or another, and in one shoulder or another, and in my entire esophagus. Burning sensations, dull pain sensations, sharp pain sensations, pressure from bloating, all enough times to make me think I was either having a heart attack, gallbladder or pancreas problems, lung problems, you name it. Not to mention nausea, trouble swallowing, breathing issues, but yeah that too.

    That's the thing with GERD as well as a hiatal hernia, they can mimic other health issues and drive your GAD/panic disorder right up there. And they can cause GAD and panic disorder. And sometimes with some people (like me) the medication we take for GERD (like PPI's and antacids) will mildly screw with the function of your whole digestive system. Antacids are the worse though IMO, I've used those for too long a period and have gotten constant constipation, while other people have told me those things have caused diarrhea in their case. Of course that is what happens when they are used for too long a time.
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