As most know I lost my Dad 3 years ago, then my stepdad 1 year later. Their death dates are very close. One is the 6th of January, other is 13th.

On the 6th I made it out of the house to a meal to celebrate my Dad. I told my brother to invite my Mom and my half brother. They knew my Dad, and they're family, so I thought it was a great idea. We had a good day and it was a large milestone for the anxiety.

Today I found out my mother and brother are currently as I type at a family meal for my stepdad. Me, nor my brothers got an invite. I was very close to my stepdad. I spent time staying with him while my mother worked at night. We'd sit and play GTA together and I'd stay awake with him so he wasn't alone. All throughout the 22 years they were together I was close to him. He taught me everything I know about music. We made music togther. We went on holidays together.

We got no invite. My brother said nothing. My mother said nothing.

Would you be annoyed?