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    Re: Ritalin (Chromosome Damage)

    Quote Originally Posted by SEANML View Post
    I enjoyed the combo but I just would rather not take the risk I guess. I tend to do alot of silly things in my life lol. I would rather not add to the list of possible cancer causing crud :P
    There is no evidence either med causes cancer.

    I am very pleased that you have all put some input in this convo. I wish ritalin never did that study :P
    *Could someone help me understand this article about the damage "" I am having a hard time interpreting it and finding the date of study. My TBI makes large reading almost impossible.
    The study was published in 2008. It found no evidence of chromosome damage from taking methylphenidate, or other amphetamines.

    That is not the only study to find methylphenidate has no impact on cell genetics. Neither did Walitza S, 2009; Ponsa I, 2009; Tucker JD, 2009. This was supported by long-term studies in monkeys such as Soto PL, 2012 and Morris SM, 2009, or mice: Manjanatha MG, 2009;

    Bottom line: The 2005 El-Zein study claiming chromosome damage got it badly wrong somehow and you are obsessing over nothing. Ritalin has been around for a long time and if it was causing cancer this would be very obvious by now. There is no evidence of a cancer epidemic among former, or current users.

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    Re: Ritalin (Chromosome Damage)

    Thanks once again for the help, I stayed on my 6 rits. I am convinced it is a much safer route (being I have used them for over 15 years)

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