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Thread: Please help MRI Results

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    Please help MRI Results

    Hi everyone glad to have found this forum first time posting. Going through a nightmare with neurological issues which resulted in the neurologist ordering an mri and emg test.

    I have a family history of mnd and ms. I've been experiencing muscle spasms for months, weakness, brain fog and difficulty concentrating. Mood changes, tingling, headaches etc.

    I had mri scan last week and received a letter today saying mri shows a non specific area of increased t2 signal in the right frontal periventricilar white matter, nothing else of note. Brain and spine scan. I see the neurologist tomorrow but I'm going out of my mind with worry.

    I understand no one can give me the full medical breakdown of this, but I just wondered if anyone had this come up on their scan and what it resulted in?

    Thanks if you got this far.

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    Re: Please help MRI Results

    I hope you're okay. What did the doctor say?

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