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Thread: MRI for MS/MND worries

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    Re: MRI for MS/MND worries

    So apparently I had a pristine EMG phew! Most definitely not mnd. I'll take that. Very relieved. Just need to get the second MRI out of the way and hopefully put this all behind me. Hoping the anxiety meds agree with me.

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    Re: MRI for MS/MND worries

    Great news, second thread on here today I've replied to where the result has come back clear for something possibly life-changing. I'm glad for you that at least this disease is now off the radar !

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    Re: MRI for MS/MND worries

    Thanks carys. It's a big relief. Just wish the mri had been clear then all my worried would be over already. Started my new medication trazodone last night and it really didn't agree with me so back to the drawing board on that. Hope you're well today.

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    Re: MRI for MS/MND worries

    I had those on my MRI also and I had 3 MRI in total doctor said many people have them on there MRI's of the brain. I wouldn't worry about them.

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    Re: MRI for MS/MND worries

    I wish I could switch off and not worry dsrouillard!

    Had results from the second mri with contrast and the dr said it wasn't actively inflammatory which is good news. Until he said low grade tumours dont take up the contrast so I'll need a repeat scan in 3 months to see if its changed.

    If I hadn't had radiotherapy for cancer previously I might be less worried but I have an increased risk of developing a tumour because of this.

    Determined to try to put this out of my mind for the next 3 months as I can't even contemplate the worst case scenario with 3 young kids to look after.

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