While I've had anxiety issues for the past 10 years, it came in waves. I had months of issues and then months of really nothing. This past year, however, I got a new boss that kept me constantly behind and stressed at work. When my work stress becomes too severe, my HA flares up and I cannot fight the HA thoughts.

In the past two months I've worried about colon cancer, eye cancer, brain cancer, rabies, melanoma, kidney cancer and a second round of eye and brain concerns. I just roll out of one concern straight into the next. It doesn't end. I've had 6 trips to a clinic over all this.

Throughout the last year, I've tried things to relax. Mental distractions, sports, video games, etc. I literally cannot relax anymore. I'm always tight and my neck hurts. I don't sleep well. I don't know what to try anymore. I've gone to my doctor in the past over anxiety, even last summer, and he only tries short term fixes like a muscle relaxer. He doesn't like anxiety medication and doesn't want me to go down that road.

Need some advice here. Should I just beg my doctor to try anxiety medicine? Does it work without too many side effects? Should I try relaxation help using a therapist or something? I do know vacation is not the answer. My mind doesn't need that much free time to worry!