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Thread: Ants crawling feeling (down there?!)

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    Ants crawling feeling (down there?!)

    I am prone to odd nerve sensations all over my body, like pin pricks and ants crawling. This has been going on for so many years, Iím pretty used to it. But lately Iíve been having a lot of these tingly / ants crawling sensations down there (outer labia) and itís driving me crazy. I have had an issue lately with minor bladder leakage (ugggh) and keep worrying that every time I feel this sensation it means something is leaking, but at the same time I donít leak much and am not convinced thatís what Iím feeling. It just feels tingly and annoying, and I hate having weird symptoms!! Such an anxiety trigger.

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    Re: Ants crawling feeling (down there?!)

    Yep! I get this, too! I describe it as if I could physically feel my hair growing down there or goosebumps.

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