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Thread: Sudden bump

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    Sudden bump

    All of a sudden ive noticed a spot at the back of the roof of my mouth (the soft palate)
    It feels weird swallowing and im scared its going to grow until i cant breathe.
    Its getting bigger.

    Anyone know what this is?

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    Re: Sudden bump

    It won't grow until you can't breathe
    How are things going - are you getting help with the anxiety now?

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    Re: Sudden bump

    You've probably scratched it or burnt it slightly when swallowing, nothing more. I have NEVER heard of a spot growing so someone can't breathe - I mean lets apply logic here. Unless it came up in minutes like a balloon being blown up, you'd be able to go see about it before it was an issue. Also - there is something called your NOSE !!!! LOL

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    Re: Sudden bump

    Hmm i guess
    I was just really suprised that this happened.
    Im alright now ❤❤

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