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Thread: Ovarian Cancer Feat

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    Ovarian Cancer Feat

    Hello and Iíll try to make this brief. Originally I had worried about having Pancreatic Cancer due to symptoms (upper abdominal pain, bowel movements, reflux, etc). I didnít realize ovarian cancer had the same symptoms.
    Now Iím freaking out. About 2 weeks ago I had a dream that two ladies were talking about never dismissing hip pain because it would be cancer. A day later, hip pain. But then it became more in my lower abdomen, e tending to my hip and back, sometimes one of my legs, and some shoulder blade pain. Hoping (and praying), I had only a UTI, I went in for a urine sample. The NP said I did have blood in my urine but nothing else that showed bacteria. She pushed on my tummy and said o was VERY tender in my ovary are. This freaked me out because it was one of my earliest worries once I realize the abdominal pain probably wasnít pancreatic cancer. Now my eyes are open and I realize thereís a HUGE chance itís Ovarian Cancer. I have ALL the symptoms except frequent urination. Itís like a nightmare coming true. First the dream about hip pain, cancer and now this. Iím at a loss and will have to wait to see the doctor unless I take myself to the ER. Believe me... Iím tempted....

    Iím 39 years old, non smoker, 2 babies (both over 7 and Iím scared to deal of them having to watch me go through cancer and die). And Iíve had my tubes tied. I know my chances are now, but not impossible. Help!!

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    Re: Ovarian Cancer Feat

    You don't have a huge chance of ovarian cancer. Go to your doctor and ask for an ultrasound. You most likely have IBS or something causing all the bowel issues. I have uterine fibroids and they also cause all those issues in me. And, your dream means literally nothing - it was a dream!

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    Re: Ovarian Cancer Feat

    I had all of these symptoms - extreme tenderness in the ovary area a week or two before my periods, constant cramping that wouldnít go away and even frequent urination. The frequent urination was definitely anxiety related. I read about it and sure enough I developed it. I even woke up at night to pee which I never do. So strange how our minds work. I felt lumps and felt like I was losing it. Bending over hurt my ovary area and the pain became more localized and obvious. It was localized to the right side and caused pain in my right back, right hip and right thigh. I was freaked to the max. I got an ultrasound done and guess what it showed? Nothing. Just a tiny 2cm cyst that the doc said wasnít responsible for my symptoms. This lasted 4 months. My point is, that it very well could be benign and most likely is! Our anxiety can cause the craziest of symptoms and once we are aware of that we can tackle it. Best wishes!

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