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    decided to increase dose ....aneamia and pms problems

    hiya, going to try and keep this as short as possible...
    ive been diagnosed as being severely aneamic and currently on my 3/4 week on iron tablets anxiety was returning slowly before diagnosis , some days were horrible but just cracked on once i was diagnosed as my gp said my low iron levels have surely contributed to my anxiety as side effects of low iron are similar to cut a long story short , ive been on 75mg xl for around 9 years.. they literally gave me my life back but ive been feeling so horrible since around august last year , im just so fed up of feeling ill that the doctor has now prescribed me an extra 37.5mg to take of an evening .
    anyone else had this increase and how they found it ?...I dont want to lose anymore of my life to 12 months into a fantastic relationship after having the guts to leave a very unhappy marriage,,and up until last august i was on top of the world, all i fear now is , im never gonna get better and im going to lose this beautiful man ive met

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    Re: increasing dose

    Hey there,

    I went from 75mg to 150mg many moons ago and I found it to be ok. It definitely helped me so give it a go.

    Good luck

    Pip xx
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    Re: increasing dose

    I’ve had various increases and am now up to 300mg. Like any psych drug it can increase anxiety during the first couple of weeks. I was really bad when I increased to 225mg but up to 300mg wasn’t so bad.

    Try to remember those thoughts about never getting better and losing your partner are the anxiety talking, not you. Thoughts are just thoughts, not the truth

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    Re: increasing dose

    hiya thanks for replies
    well tonight i have decided to start the increase in dose, its only a top up of 37.5 of a night before bed but im hoping it will just give me the back up I need while im getting my anemia and heavy periods under control.
    when i first posted i was a little reluctant and gave myself one more chance to battle through , which i did and i was so proud of myself , still am....ive been feeling near back to normal and so so happy, but from last night and the start of my period ive hit rock bottom again...its really hard to distinguish if this is just totally pms im feeling along with the anemia but was is totally clear is , i have no reserves to combat these hard days..the mental battle of anxiety ..yes but physically im taken to the sofa after only getting around 3hrs sleep last night...aching arms, legs, stomach cramps, feeling sick and spinning head...ive never felt like this which also makes me think maybe ive picked up a virus ?
    after speaking to my wonderful supportive partner about the increase, he agrees maybe an increase is best too

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