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Thread: Coronavirus worries?

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamplemousse View Post
    I have absolutely no doubt that come November, DJT will be elected for a second term. He has high approval ratings and American politics has become so partisan it's like watching two religions fighting each other; both have a blind faith in their chosen doctrine and absolutely refuse to concede anything to the other side.
    Yeah but one of the major things that ensures a president's re-election is money in people's pockets. We tend vote with the amount of money in our wallets. So if too many people here in the states suffer too long without a decent paycheck, he may not get re-elected. That's why he's wanting to get the economy over here back up and running, because he knows it could screw up his chances of getting another four years.

    I've always figured he would re-elected, but with more democrats getting re-elected in the house and senate keeping him in check for the next four years. But now - with this virus effecting the economy, I don't know, we'll all see.
    John Wayne: 'Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.'

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    A 21-year-old woman who was reported as having died from coronavirus may not have had it after all.

    The death of 21-year-old Chloe Middleton was given widespread media coverage earlier this week when she was reported to be the youngest British victim of Covid-19 with no known underlying health issues.

    But it has since emerged that Miss Middleton may not have had coronavirus and that she may in fact have died of a heart attack.

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Quote Originally Posted by ErinKC View Post
    This virus is the only thing that might lose the election for him. I've been convinced totally that he wins in a landslide until recently. But, the Democrats appear to have chosen Biden at this point and he's is such a weak candidate. And now, he can't even go out campaigning, while Trump is on TV every day giving a press conference. So, assuming we're at least on the upswing by November, I think Trump does win. I had always said the only thing that would stop him from winning was a recession, but I don't think this recession will count.

    Although I am going slightly off on a tangent here, whilst at the same time trying not to come across as a know-it-all, I really hate the way that the term 'recession' is misused by both the media and the general public as a whole!!

    The definition of an economic 'recession' in absolute terms is actually two or more consecutive quarters (three-month periods) of zero and/or minus zero economic growth within a given country, so we haven't simply entered a 'recession' pretty much overnight. I just wish the media in particular would get the facts straight, rather than spewing out highly emotive lingo such as the word 'recession', when simply 'economic slowdown' would be more precise in the current short term, even though there is a distinct possibility that the global economy may slide into an out-and-out recession in due course, but again, that's something only time will tell.

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Quote Originally Posted by anxious_dan View Post
    One hope I've had throughout this whole pandemic is that it will lead to a fundamental social/political shift for the better.
    People showing immense gratitude for the work healthcare workers do - but also the work for example done by shopkeepers.
    These workers are finally getting the recognition they always deserved.

    Governments, even Conservative or Republican ones, are faced with a stark choice: use the power of government to step in and help people, or see even higher mortality rates and an even bigger economic hit.

    Maybe working remotely for many people (for those fortunate to be able to do so) will make them re-assess their work/life balance.

    Maybe when the quarantine is finally lifted, people will have a newfound sense of hope and optimism.

    And who knows how that might shape politics or society moving forwards?
    Same here, Dan.

    Just like during the Global Financial Crisis I kind of hoped for the same things and it did initially seem like we were heading in the right directions from around 2012 onwards in many ways when said crisis had finally started to peter out, but sadly by around 2015-16 onwards we seemed to be back to many of our older ways once again with the likes of political indifference, violent crime rising rapidly once again following a bit of a lull since around 2007-08 or so, the political hard-right seemingly gaining momentum, of course coupled with (for better or worse) the vote for Brexit, and the sudden growth of Islamic State-related terrorism and associated threats, which also seemed to go through a bit of a lull between 2008 and 2013.

    I know we cannot really compare the effects of both the GFC and the CV pandemic and their aftermaths like-for-like, but like you, I really do hope things do change for the better both in the short and long terms once this pandemic is finally declared over.

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    My apologies for continuing to bring politics into this thread, but this is unreal:

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