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Thread: Coronavirus worries?

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Quote Originally Posted by jray23 View Post
    For those struggling with being stuck inside, the length of possible isolation, etc., here is a good article i read yesterday from the viewpoint of a long-distance swimmer that could be helpful to some:


    edit... that's Market Watch... apparently the letters lineup to be a censored

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Quote Originally Posted by ErinKC View Post
    A stock market crash does not cause a depression on its own. A major difference between this situation and the situation in 1929 and even in 2008 during the recession is that the economic decline occurring now is based on extrinsic factors, not intrinsic problems with the economy. The recession in 2008 happened because of a series of problems within the economy, making it a lot more difficult to recover from. This is a major shock to the economy but it's more like a healthy person being hit by a car vs. someone being diagnosed with cancer.

    Pair with that the fact that because so many people can continue to work remotely, unemployment - while serious - will never reach the levels seen during the depression. America's jobs numbers were posted today and there was a net loss of 701,000 jobs in March. That's a massive loss, but doesn't break the record for job losses recorded during the 2008 recession when there was a one-month loss over 780,000 at one point. At the height of the recession the unemployment rate in the US was 10.8%. Even with almost 10 million unemployment claims filed in the US in the past few weeks, our unemployment rate is only 4.5% right now.

    Yes, we have a ways to go and things will get worse, but this happened to strong economies that have a very good chance of recovery when this is over.

    (All of this is not to say that there are not MANY individuals out there who are struggling immensely right now and who will absolutely FEEL like there are living through a depression. Trends and generalizations shouldn't minimize the terrible effect this will have on many, many people.)
    Very wise words, Erin.

    The words 'recession' and 'depression' are two of many highly emotive words that the media often love to bandy around even at the slightest hint of any turbulence. I know this isn't exactly relevant to the current situation, but I recall back in 1998 here in the UK (probably due to a combo of both the then-current Asian Crisis and certain factions having a bash at the then-recently elected 'New Labour' govt), I vividly remember our media predicting a severe economic recession that could have had far-reaching consequences that never actually materialised (at least for another ten years), then by the spring of 1999 it all seemed to be forgotten about.

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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Quote Originally Posted by DL45 View Post

    Currently I believe ANY person who has been admitted - and therefore their immediate family should be tested. And EVERY single front line worker - not just those fabulous NHS workers, but the unsung heroes who are collecting our rubbish, clearing our drains, stocking our shelves, serving us at tills in supermarkets, driving our buses......the list goes on but EVERY single front line, essential worker and their immediate family should be the priority for testing, for obvious reasons.
    My daughter is one of these and I'm so proud of her, she is supervisor at the town's Spar. One of the perks is her getting us items from out the back. The price of course is the potential to bring something else home. Mrs F is immuno-compromised but we have to be ready for whatever comes our way.
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    Re: Coronavirus worries?

    Coronavirus UK death statistics:

    As of 5pm on April 2, 1,749 (53%) of the 3,302 deaths were aged 80 or above, while 1,291 (39%) were 60-79 years old.

    A further 233 (7%) were aged 40-59, with 26 (1%) aged 20-39 and three (0.1%) aged 0-19.

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